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NOW BOOKING 2022 & 2023

It’s time! WE ARE BOOKING NOW for the October Halloween show, December Holiday show and the 2023 Summer Show. CONTACT US NOW!

The Mystery of the EMPTY CANDY BAG
The Halloween CANDY is MISSING!
Now THAT’S SCARY! Sam the Turtle is scaring up another great Halloween show. You’re invited to help solve the mystery. Mr. Barry is bringing his funny TRICKS and Hyena the Laughing Chicken is sure to be a TREAT. All we need is YOU! Bring your smile and a craving to help us FIND THE CANDY.

Oct 6 – Springfield, KY
Oct 7 – London, KY
Oct 20 – Brooksville, KY
Oct 28 – Vestavia Hills, AL

2022 Northern Exposure
The Funnier Stories of Christmas
Join Mr. Barry, Hyena the Chicken and Sam the Scroogie Turtle for a different kind of holiday fun. The Northern Exposure show reveals the FUNNIER stories of the holiday season. (It might be stuff we made up.) You’ll discover the silly holiday secrets the Elves don’t want you to know. You’ll see books and magic that are uniquely absurd. You’ll also laugh and laugh a little more. It’s the holiday done weird.

Dec 8 – Woodbury, TN
Dec 15 – Dover, TN
Dec 16 – Clarksville, TN


2023 Friendship Adventure
Sam the Turtle, Mr. Barry and Hyena the Chicken are three friends working together for laughs. BIG LAUGHS! Their adventure includes magic, puppets and funny stuff. With all these guys in one van, they are learning about kindness, compassion and loud snoring. See them live at your library for more than a van load of adventure.

No pickles please!

JUNE 2023

June 1 – Cookeville & Livingston, TN
June 5 – Somerset, KY
June 7 – Winchester, TN
June 8 – Smith Co & Smithville, TN
June 9 – Clarksville, TN
June 10 – Chapel Hill & Lewisburg, TN
June 12 – Oak Ridge, TN
June 13 – Tazewell & Luttrell, TN
June 14 – Jasper & East Ridge, TN
June 15 – Monteagle, TN & Trussville, AL
June 16 – Savannah & Huntingdon, TN
June 20 – Dover, TN
June 21 – Paducah, KY
June 22 – Celina & Macon County, TN
June 23 – Woodbury, TN
June 27 – Daleville & Hartford, AL
June 28 – Quitman, GA

JULY 2023
July 6 – Trenton, GA
July 12 – Lobelville & Linden, TN
July 13 – Vestavia Hills, AL
July 14 – Ragland, AL
July 20 – London, KY
July 21 – Georgetown, KY
July 25 – Greensboro, GA

What do Librarians Really Think?

After each program in 2019, librarians received an anonymous email survey. Here are a few of the comments for the question, “What did you like/dislike about the program?”


“From start to finish, our audience was engaged. They loved the suspense when the evil aliens were about to be discovered. The parents told us how much they enjoyed it, too.”


“Barry’s timing is spot on and has a very good understanding of what makes kids (and adults) laugh. I cannot honestly think of anything I did not enjoy.”


“Very entertaining! The humor spans all ages, so it kept the adults entertained as well! The facts about scientists, astronauts, and space was a nice touch. No complaints/dislikes”


“I loved how Mr. Barry had books there based on the theme and how he talked about reading. He promoted the theme more than any other performer we’ve had. There was nothing to change or improve on.”