The Reading Pirate
Alas me hearties, ye can with an eye covered. There be good reason why pirates wear patches. It weren’t to do with fashion. Use both ye eyes now to read a little more and discover the treasured secret.


Be honest, reading pirate text is fun. Imagine the fun your readers will have as the Reading Pirate reveals the treasures hidden in books. The Reading Pirate show is a mixed treasure of pirate lore, and more. Captain Barry inspires reading through his comedy magic, storytelling, pirate facts and the salty sea turtle Swashbuckling Sam.


How much pirate fun can one school handle?
Reading Pirates is 40 minutes of educational fun. You’ll even learn why real pirates didn’t say Arrr. But what about those eye
patches? It is believed, although it can’t be proven, that the eye patch served a useful purpose. With a patch over one eye, a pirate was always ready to see in both light and dark. Having one eye in the dark meant there was no time needed for the eye to readjust to the dark. A simple move of the patch from one side to the other meant a pirate was ready to move from sunlight on the deck of the ship to darkness below deck.

How soon should we schedule the program?
Now!  Our calendar fills quickly and there are a limited number of possible dates available during the school year. Let’s discuss your school calendar NOW to find some dates for you.  If we wait, both our calendars will be full.  Contact me now so we can get the Reading Pirate in your school.