Are you ready to be a hero?
Get ready because we turn teachers into heroes and students into excited readers!  Some heroes are born, some are made, but all true heroes are well read.  After all, reading is our super power.  Library Man is ready to visit your school.  I won’t promise to save the day but I will certainly make your day.

Your students will be empowered to learn and read about fictional heroes and real heroes who work around us each day.  Every student feels like a hero in our shows.  However, there is one really super hero that travels with me; it’s Sam the Turtle, aka Super Shell.  Sam is a turtle puppet.  However, he is convinced he’s real as well as the star of the show.  He might be right.  Sam isn’t just for the younger kids.  Sam is loved by all ages and the content of the show is written for grades K – 8.

“Barry did a great job promoting reading and entertaining the children and adults.  We’ll be excited to see him again.”
Jill Rose & Jennifer Boyce, Charles C. Bell Elementary, Asheville, NC

Reading is not your only super power.
Educating children is your real super power.  Thankfully I get to help schools with the educational mission.  With more than three decades of entertaining and educating children, I’ve learned a trick or two.  These “tricks” include just the right balance of what children love . . . humor, magic, storytelling, and a talking turtle.

How much hero time can one school handle?
About 40 minutes. Our programs easily fit within your classroom schedules so we can do back to back shows if necessary.  Our super power is making this a memorable and problem free experience for you.

How soon should we schedule the program?
Now!  Our calendar fills quickly and there are a limited number of possible dates available during the school year. It’s important we discuss our calendar near the beginning of the school year.  If we wait too long, everyone’s calendar will be full. Contact me now so we can get our super powers can join forces and save the day.

Recycling & litter prevention message that educates and entertains. The Think Green program is completely different from the Recycling Pirate. We offer two versions of the Think Green show allowing for multiple visits. Perfect for Tennessee Litter Grant funding.

Recycling & litter prevention message presented by a PIRATE! What can be more fun than that? Great educational content and excellent opportunity for Tennessee Litter Grant funding.

Kids LOVE heroes and Library Man inspires the most super of powers. Reading is his super power and it can be everyone’s.

Talking like pirate is fun. Imagine the fun your readers will have as the Reading Pirate reveals the treasures hidden in books.

The anti-bully message is serious but it can be encouraged in a fun way. This hero themed program inspires students to help instead of hurt others.