Can you talk like a pirate?
Being a native of Tennessee, I’m constantly told I talk funny.  As Captain Barry, with my first mate Sam the Litter Turtle, we are the Recycling Pirates.  We are the pirates who say R.  Not Arrr . . . just R. Sometimes we say it more than once, RRR. (Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle)

How much pirate fun can one school handle?
About 40 minutes. Elementary age students will learn a variety of ways to reduce the amount of garbage we create, reuse many of the items we usually throw away, and recycle our trash into new treasures.  Litter education is a big part of the Recycling Pirates message. We share the importance of cleaning up the “Seven C’s” (The seven types of consumer waste).  We even suggest an eighth C . . . croutons!  Sam the Litter Turtle says croutons are a waste of good bread.  He’s an odd pirate.

An educational treasure chest of litter and recycling fun.
The Recycling Pirates program is completely different from our Think Green shows.  If you’ve used our shows in the past, you know how much fun the students have.  You know your school will love this new one.

“Barry’s show was very age appropriate, more so than any show we’ve ever been to.  He keeps the children engaged at all times.  There’s no down time.  They don’t have any time to get bored. The teachers as well as the children enjoy the show.  I highly recommend his show for children.”
Amy Rose, Rhea Elementary, Paris, TN

How soon should we schedule the program?
Now!  Our calendar fills quickly and there are a limited number of possible dates available during the school year. Let’s discuss your school calendar NOW to find some dates for you.  If we wait, both our calendars will be full.  Contact me now so we can get the litter and recycling education in your school.

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