Do you know how to recycle a chicken?
The students at a Think Green show do!  Along with the silliness of recycled chickens, comes the explanation of Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle.  Students see solid aluminum bars appear from recycling pots while learning about recycling cans.  They meet a turtle with serious issues about litter.  Most importantly, students are inspired to make positive changes and influence their parents as well. The Think Green shows are popular with schools and litter prevention agencies.  Several versions of the show allow us to vary the content for repeat visits.  It’s the right balance of entertainment and education to help us Think Green.

“I’ve seen Barry’s show a number of times.  If you have a group of children and you want to see a show that really lets them know what recycling is and puts them in the right mind, and with parents that will laugh right along with their kids, you need to see Barry’s show.  It’s wonderful.”
Howard Cobbs, Keep Tennessee Beautiful

How soon should we schedule the program?
Now!  Our calendar fills quickly and there are a limited number of possible dates available during the school year. Let’s discuss your school calendar NOW to find some dates for you.  If we wait, both our calendars will be full.  Contact me now so we can get the litter and recycling education in your school.