Bullies Welcome?  NOT!
A serious message in a super hero package.

Every child and adult has a hero inside.  It may be hidden by fear and insecurity, but we have the power to release our inner hero.  Poor self-esteem and fear may also allow us to stand by as negative actions take place.  A Zero, a.k.a. bully, uses an arsenal of tools to tease, taunt, and torture the differences and weaknesses of others.  Put simply, “Zeroes Hurt.”  But there is a solution.  “Heroes Help!”  Helping is asking an adult to assist.  This assembly message is designed to build self-confidence and encourage children to ask for help if they or someone else is being bullied.

“Heroes Help Zeroes Hurt” is a 40-minute powerful and motivating assembly that holds attention and builds retention of positive messages.  MOST IMPORTANTLY, it’s FUN!  While the kids are laughing, they are learning!

A personal message from Barry
I take the subject of bullying seriously.  Over the years I’ve written hours of educational content in the form of books, stories, and motivational speaking programs.  But none of these subjects is as relevant and important to me as the anti-bullying message. I believe in this message and I know it will educate and motivate your students. You may ask, “Why?” Because I was one of the victims of a Zero and I was able to find the strength to release my inner Hero. I am on a mission to share my message with as many students as possibly so they can release their inner hero too!